How to Add Money in S9 Game | Step-by-Step Guide

Adding money in S9 Game is a straightforward process. That can be completed by following the given methods. S9 is an online game. In this article, we will discuss how to add money on S9 games.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add money to your game account. Let’s discuss…


There are three methods to add money to the S9 Game.

In-App purchase Adding Method:

The most trustworthy way to add money on s9 games is in app purchase . This method allows you to buy directly in game currencies. Here is the complete process of how to add money through in-app purchase money.

  • First login to your account.
  • Click on the store 
  • Select the currency you want to buy 
  • Select your budget 
  • Click on the “Buy”
  • Confirm buy 
  • You will be moved to the payment method 
  • Enter your payment details
  • Complete transaction 
  • Now wait for a moment until payment is added
  • Amount is added 

Website Purchase:

Another way to add money to your s9 game account. This method is somehow similar to the first method in-app purchase but you will need to log into your account on the website. Let’s discuss the process so it would help you to add the money to your account easily.

  • Login to your game account 
  • Click on the shop 
  • Select the currency you want to buy
  • Select the amount 
  • Click on the buy 
  • Select the payment method
  • Give details and complete the process.

Method no 3: Third-Party Apps Purchase :

The third method of adding money to your account is Garena and Razor Gold offers an alternative way to add money to your account. Let’s discuss the method just by following a few steps.

  • Go to third-party apps like Garena and Razor.
  • Create your account if you are using it for the first time or log into your account if you have an account already.
  • Select the S9 game from the given list 
  • Select the amount 
  • Select the complete button
  • You will receive the redeem code 
  • Now go to the S9 game and enter the redeem code to add your funds.


Adding money to your S9 account is a simple process which can be completed very easily just following through the steps given above. Remember to always be conscious while making the transactions. Only make transactions through the given methods. Because there are many apps in the market that offer you easy transactions but when you make a transaction you get scammed. Therefore it’s better to follow the procedures given on our website named: How to add money in your s9 account? Which well guides you completely on how to make safe transactions. If you face any kind of difficulty while adding money then contact us.

S9 is an online game that gives many opportunities to the players so that they can win a good amount of money. It gives free daily spins, referrals, and affiliate rewards also. Moreover, if you are a good player you can also earn a good amount of money. You can gain unlimited opportunities to gain good profit on S9 Games. So if you are a new user and want to earn money download the app from our website and create your account to earn money.

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